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Kids in Action

Project Unbroken will work to keep kids engaged in the activities they love because staying involved is crucial for sense of community and building resilience.

Grant Details

Project Unbroken supports children that have lost a parent to suicide and have a need for financial support to continue their extracurricular activities*.

What it is

Kids in Action will grant financial support to individual families to help them cover the costs of extracurricular activities and the associated expenses of equipment, travel, fees, training/lessons, etc.


Through the application process, we will evaluate if a need is met. Project Unbroken reserves the right to make exceptions to eligibility guidelines for reasonable extenuating circumstances.


Grant applications will be reviewed on a continual basis as needs are not seasonal in nature. It is required that an application be submitted at least 60 days prior to the requested date of funding.

*Extracurriculars may include any activity outside of general school activities including hobbies, arts, sports, music and more.